FSX Carrier Ops

FSX Multiplayer Carrier Ops Session Info - Please read ALL the HELP sections. You will save yourself a LOT of time.

Recent Additions

6/08/13  MiG-29K "Fulcrum" - Added new features and reworked flight dynamics 

7/09/12   F-18 FSXBA 2012 ver 12.3

5/02/12   KC-10 Tanker w/working probe

3/24/12  S2F-3, C1A, and E1B - Tracker/Tracer/Trader

3/10/12  FJ-3M FUry

3/01/12  A-1H Sky Raider - Added new texture and reworked config file.

2/27/12  VFA-14 Black Aces Texture Only for FSXBA 2012
2/26/12  F-4U Corsair
1/10/12  F-18 FSXBA 2012 New F-18 by FSX Blue Angels

Session Addons - Aircraft


  A-1H Sky Raider     Download  15 MB 

  New Texture and config rework.




  A-3 Sky Warrior      Download     6 MB




  A5M4 Claude            Download     8 MB




  Air Force 1 & 2           Download   3 MB

   Special Use


  F-3F Gruman Bi Plane            Download   30 MB  

  F-3F Biplane for CV-4 Ranger carrier




 F-4 Phantom MP      Download   115 MB    Session Packet Friendly 




 F-4U Corsair              Download    16 MB 




  F-8 Crusader MP    Download   80 MB    Session Packet Friendly  





 F-14 Tomcat MP       Download   159 MB    Session Packet Friendly  





 F-18 2012 FSXBA MP    Download    Session Packet Friendly  

 Totally New Rework of the F-18 by FSX Blue Angels - Multiplayer Session Friendly



  F-18 2012 FSXBA 2012 Black Aces    Download   3 MB  




  F-18C FSXBA 2014.4     Download   298 MB    New 2/18/14 




  FJ-3M Fury    Download  54 MB  




 Gruman Tracker/Tracer/Trader         Download    141 MB  

  S2F-3, C1A, and E1B



 KC-10 Tanker        Download   17 MB   

  Revised w/external Auto Pilot Window and included missing gauge folder



  KC-135T Tanker   + Naval Texture   Download    13 MB  

  Use Extended Probe Only. (VRS users Pick KC-135,  ID C135)



 L-19 Bird Dog                      Download     3 MB   




 Mig 29K Fulcrum                Download   53 MB      Session Packet Friendly    NEW  6/08/13 




 OV-10 Bronco                      Download    29 MB 




 P-3C Orion                            Download    57 MB  

 Special Use Only



 P-8A Poseidon                    Download     16 MB  

 Special Use Only



  SDB Dauntless                 Download      33 MB 




  T-45C Goshawk                 Download  128 MB     Session Packet Friendly 

 Dino's New ver 2.25



 VRS Tophatters CO TEXTURE ONLY     Download    2  MB  




 VRS Tophatters CAG TEXTURES ONLY       Download     11  MB  






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