FSX Carrier Ops

FSX Multiplayer Carrier Ops Session Info - Please read ALL the HELP sections. You will save yourself a LOT of time.


AI Carrier2 Ops Session

  1. Where's the carrier / I can't see a carrier ?

    You must install and use the program called AICarrier2 for this session.

    You can only see your OWN carrier... that is why we use the AICarrier2 program to place our carrier at a  WAYPOINT. This method allows us to all land/take off ... from the same spot.

  2. What is the carrier waypoint ?

    Question back at you.... Why are your asking ?

    READ session descriptions... when you join a session. READ the FSX chat box.... when you join the session. READ the session LOBBY after you load your aircraft.. before joining session. 

    WAYPOINT IS ALWAYS POSTED in the session description, session lobby, and continually repeated in the FSX chat box by the BOT.

  3. I have no waypoint / I can't find the waypoint

    Click on WORLD... MAP and then close.

    IF you are paused, you must UNPAUSE for the FSX database to set

  4. What/Where is the session password ?

    As the "Home" page shows.. the session password is available only on the TeamSpeak server.  When you join the TS server for the session... the password will always be shown in the TS chat box.. at the bottom.  IE: FSX SESSION PASSWORD -

  5. My plane has a hook. Why can't I fly it in the session?

    A lot of aircraft were "tested" and disquailified for carrier operations. Also, not all aircraft that have tailhooks are necessarily used for carrier operations.

    For the purpose of attempting to keep as much realism as possible... and a little sanity in the session... the decision was made to limit the aircraft we use in the session to that of aircraft that "are" or "were" normally assigned to "normal" aircraft carrier operations.  Keep in mind, this decision also eliminates "fictional" aircraft (such as the Talon) and those which do indeed have tail hooks.... but, are not carrier based...typically, Air Force aircraft which use tail hooks for land based emergencies.. such as brake failure.

  6. What aircraft can I fly ?

    Any aircraft that was or is "based" on an aircraft carrier. 

  7. Why do you run a BOT for this session ?

    The BOT service helps regulate the type of aircraft used in the session, protects from site attacks, protects from players injecting special programs which put multiple aircraft in the session, and protects from players spawning in additional objects

    This service also allows selected pilots, from  around the world, administrative rights  to help  maintain session quality.

  8. What are the minimum requirements for the session ?

     - 16 years or older.

    - FSUICP 4.60a (or later)

    - Java 6.20 (or later)

    -  Acceleration

    - AI Carriers2

    - TeamSpeak3 Client

  9. Why did I get ejected from the session ?

    MY commitment to you is to provide everyone an enjoyable flight experience. To achieve this commitment, there are session requirements and rules.To help you understand some of this, I suggest your re-read the rules.

    It is your responsibility to understand the Rules /Requirements.

    Bottom line .....  This is NOT a democracy... Rules are Strictly enforced.

    IF, you choose to abuse..you will lose.

    Most COMMON reasons for being ejected from the session.

    - Abuse of session rules.

    Failure to Log into TeamSpeak Server      Not Using AI Carrier2 program

    Incorrect aircraft used.                               Low level  flyover of carrier area.

    Interfering with other players flight.                Stunt flying.

    Use of "air show" smoke.                               Use of "drivable" carrier.

    Using session for "free flight".                        Abuse of Mic

    Other behavior displayed in session.

     - Failure to respond/comply to hosts verbal/chat box warnings.

    - GameSpy glitch that says host has cancelled the session.

    - Host accidentally ejected wrong nick. (nothing personal... it can happen)

  10. How do I add scenery in Vista/Windows7 ?

    Adding scenery in FSX for Vista/Win7 users:

       - Unzip the scenery Package (most will have a README file for installation instructions)

        - In most cases, you simply copy the new scenery "complete folder" into your FSX/Addon Scenery folder.

        - Open FSX. From the Main Menu... select...  "Settings" / "Scenery Library" and CLICK "ADD AREA"

             (or within FSX "Windowed mode" top menu ... select... "World" / "Scenery Library")

        -  New box will open.... select the "addon scenery" folder.

        - Navigate and SINGLE LEFT CLICK (to blue highlight)  the folder name you are adding (i.e: RioNAS4) and CLICK OK in the lower right.

        - Box will change to show you a "scenery" and "texture" folder.

        - RIGHT CLICK in the white area... ANYWHERE BELOW the scenery/texture folder. Your scenery will appear on the list "checked".

         After you are done adding scenery then CLICK OK in the lower right.

        - FSX will then begin building the new scenery.

  11. AI Carrier2 will not install and/or show in my FSX ADDons menu..

    Most common reason AICarrier will NOT install properly in Vista/Win7 is the fact you need to DISABLE the UAC (User Accont Control.)

    To disable... navigate to Control Panel/User Accounts.  Select UAC and set to NEVER NOTIFY. You will need to reboot your PC and run the SETUP.EXE in the AI Carrier2 program folder, you unzipped.

    ALSO REMEMBER: This DOES NOT install in your FSX folder. It is a regular "windows" program that goes in your C:\Program Files (32bit) or C:\Program Files (x86) (64bit)

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  1. Why are there session rules ?

    This is a unique session dedicated to Carrier Operation activity only. It is not a "free flight" type session.

    There are quite a few things that can effect the quality of the session. Some technical.. some just plain common sense.  To keep it simple... we attempt to provide a quality place to fly; with the foundation being the following "Mission" Statement.

    This session is somewhat unique in FSX. If you are interested in Carrier operations, you may find this a  fun place to test your skills or learn new ones. This is a group of pilots, like yourself, who share an interest in naval carrier operations. Here you will find other pilots with various skill levels, willing to share knowledge. We hope you will share the decks with a great bunch of pilots, from around the world, that fly together in a "team" spirit. 


  2. Why is there an age limit ?

    Unfortunately, due to continued distributive behavior and a total lack of respect for others....currently... we have been forced to place an age limit of 16+ years old to participate in this session.

    It is important to note that distributive behavior or a lack of respect for others... is not tolerated at any age.

  3. Why was I ejected from the session ?

    Most common reason.... not paying attentention to the rules.

    ** Abuse of session rules **

     - Incorrect aircraft used.

    - Failure to Log into TeamSpeak Server

    - Not Using AI Carrier2 program

    - Low level  fly over of carrier area.

    - Interfering with other players flight.

    - Stunt flying.

    - Use of "air show" smoke.

    - Use of "drivable" carrier.

    - Using session for "free flight".

    -  Abuse of Mic

    - Other behavior displayed in session.

    - Failure to respond/comply to host/Admin verbal/chat box warnings.

    - GameSpy glitch that says host has canceled the session.

    - Host accidentally ejected wrong nick. (nothing personal... it can happen)

  4. Why do I need TeamSpeak3 client ?

    - FSX voice is normally disabled during the session.

    - FSX Chat box is rarely monitored by anyone.

    - ALL voice/chat communications are handled in TeamSpeak.

    - Cleans up the voice communications for everyone, while pilots are engaged in different activities.

    - Allows us to set up various dedicated channels for specific activities and eliminates having to use FSX "radio frequencies" to accomplish the same thing.

    - Helps verify age limit regulation. (Although, we can normally tell by the amount of questions, unnecessary chatter, and distributive behavior.)

  5. Why do I need a mic ?

    1. Communicaitons is essential when flying.

    2. We use voice comms in TeamSpeak to verify age.This is forced upon us by the youngesters.. whom come in mute their mic and then tell us in chat their mic is broken.  The 16+ Age rule is strickly enforced.  Again, something else we have had to do.... because of the lack of respect shown by the majority of younger people. It's a shame.... because there are a few good ones out there.. Bottom line... weI no longer babysit kids wainting to only disrupt everyone else.

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