FSX Carrier Ops

FSX Multiplayer Carrier Ops Session Info - Please read ALL the HELP sections. You will save yourself a LOT of time.



CA25 Salt Lake City Static Download    4.57 MB  (9/18/11)



 CV-1 USS Langley     Download   12.73 MB  (4/7/12)    






CV-4 Ranger Static  Download    1 MB  (NEW 9/21/12)
 Wooden Deck Carrier


CV-6 USS Enterprise Static    Download  4.14 MB

    (NOT needed if downloaded 12/19 ver of Three Carriers)

CV-8 USS Hornet Drivable    Download  16.3 MB   (9/21/11)     Flak Effects  Download  8.74 KB   (9/21/11)

CV-10 USS Yorktown Static    Download   3.28 MB   (9/11/11)
  CV-10  Essex Class Static Carrier

CV-10_CV-32_Static  Download  5.99 MB   (2/21/11)
  Adds CV-10 & CV-32 Essex Class Carriers 

CVN-68/69 USS_Nimitz_Ike_version2   Download  121.05 MB
 (Recommended)   High Detail/animated carrier package.

CV-59 USS Forrestal Static Download  1.54 MB  (1/29/11)
CV-59 Static Carrier

Edmund Fitzgerald Drivable   Download   16.06 MB   (9/18/11)  Static   Download  1.48 MB   (9/19/11)
   Lake Freighter

LHD-6 USS Bonhomme Richard Drivable  Download  17.65 MB   (12/14/10)   Static  Download  16.18 MB   (12/14/10)

   Wasp Class Chopper Carrier


HMS Ark Royal Static       Download    12 MB  (5/17/12)    

  Special use





 ht_kiev Russian Carrier -  Static    Download   MB  (2/3/13)      NEW
  Special use



Admiral Kuznetzov Russian Carrier -  Static    Download     7  MB  (5/29/12)    
  Special use



 Living World 2 Fleet  Download  60 MB  (1/11/15)
 Special Use



PBR 31 River Boat      Download  24 MB  (4/15/12)     
  Special use Vietnam

R98 PA Clemanceau  Download  20 MB  (2/1/12)
  French Carrier

Shokaku Carrier Drivable  Download  8.73MB   (9/21/11)    Flak Effects  Download  8.74 KB   (9/21/11)   Static  Download  7 MB   (9/18/11)

  Japanese Carrier


Sub_German Uboat_WWII   Download  14 MB     (4/15/11)    
  Driveable sub to be used in missions.

Sub_US_WWII   Download  2.94 MB     (5/22/11)
  Driveable sub to be used in missions.

USS Bearing Strait Drivable    Download   5.15 MB   (9/18/11)    Static   Download  358.38KB   (9/19/11)
  AVP-34  Seaplane Tender

USS New Jersey Static.zip    Download  698.04 KB   (9/18/11)
  BB-62 Battleship

Two Boats   Download
70.44 MB
  Two drivable yachts for mission events only!
  (Please do NOT use these in AI Carrier2 OP session w/o permission)
Two Speedboats  Download 9.18 MB
  Two drivable speedboats for mission events only!
  (Please do NOT use these in AI Carrier2 OP session w/o permission)

WWII Static Ships Pack Download 14.59 MB   (9/19/11)
   Bering Strait,  CV-10,  CA25,  Fitzgerald,  New Jersey,  Shokaku

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