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Drug Bust SIGNUP

DRUG BUST Mission Planning

Signed up as of 2/24/11

Admins         :  Sandpro     King6975     Jim

Good Guys   :
    F-18            - bubblermix
    VRS            - Brett_737Pilot122     iamarealpilot     OwnPCNOOB     VFA-14 Eroxz
    EH-101        - bodie88     tn99y
    Bell Ranger  -
    Sea Craft     -  Pizazloco     pillly421

Drug Runners:    2Lt Justin "Brickyard"     FSX-Ghost_1991     holba     iceman23a     Mollymae_105     nbr549     SandPro

** Remember we will be using mostly default aircraft **

Please choose only ONE of the following when filling in the form.

Navy   good guys... with various roles  (i.e. Navy .. using F-18)
Drug Runners  bad guys... with various roles (i.e. Drug Runner .. using C-172)

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