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Drug Bust Mission - 2/24/11

Believe the drug runners had the upper hand.   Both sides were WINNERS !

Admin          :  King6975 

Good Guys   :  2Lt Justin "Brickyard"     bubblermix     iamarealpilot     OwnPCNOOB      Pizazloco      VFA-14 Eroxz

Drug Runners:  Brett_737Pilot122     iceman23a     Mollymae_105     nbr549     SandPro

Drug Bust Mission 11/19/100

Most drug runners were intercepted.... only 1 made it through.   Both sides were WINNERS !

-COMMAND/CONTROL-     NWA_420     (excellent job)

-NAVY-     FSXMSF_Splice_AF     FSXHornet_1     x70nasa     Flyboy57     Ace927     arkerry     TGR-14_HELiPro

-DRUG RUNNERS-      FSXMSF_Trot26            DocG              montej        Kevin-Tesoro         SP"Curley"       Drew927_Navy

10/26/10 Nimitz Replinishment

10/26/10 EH-101 Chopper carrier resupply event

arkerry     ComedyShane1     FSXMSF_Splice     Juice_259     KyleObrian     LighterAce5     L.Osbiston     magakiller101     MDL53     MoneyWonder     p75     robopilot86     snowalbatross          SP"Curley"     SandPro

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