FSX Carrier Ops

FSX Multiplayer Carrier Ops Session Info - Please read ALL the HELP sections. You will save yourself a LOT of time.

Battle of Corregidor

-- Corregidor Mission --

SUNDAY 5/13/12 2PM EDT

We need a minimum of 4 pilots for each side.

(of course.. more is always better)

 Be  prepared to go back in time !  

https://webzoom.freewebs.com/sandpro/YouTube - 1940's Song Mix (The Andrews Sisters, The Glenn Miller Orchestra).mp3


We may be using a different direct connect host to allow more pilots.
Details will be provided prior to the event.

Aircraft, Carriers,  and  Ships are NOW COMPLETE and available in the Session Addon Section:

F-8 Bearcat and Zero Fighters  / SDB Dauntless and AM5 Val Dive Bombers

STATIC Ships needed: (WWII Static complete Download )
(CV-10 -  CA25 - Edmund Fitzgerald - Shokaku - USS Bering Strait - USS New Jersey)   

We may also make of the drivable versions of the DRIVABLE CV-8 USS Hornet and Shokaku carriers during this event.
(See below if you want to add FLAK effect to the carriers)

Japanese forces and mission:

The Japanese forces are ably led by Adm. Hirohito and consist of no less than 1 carrier (believed to be the Shokaku), assorted escorts, and approximately 5-10 cargo ships. They were last spotted in the Verde Island passage, Eastbound with cargo. We believe their objective is the Ragay Gulf, somewhere near Bula.

American forces and mission:

Task Force "Able", under the command of Admiral Halsey, consists of no less than 1 carrier (the Yorktown), 1 battleship, possibly 2 cruisers, and assorted escorts. They are directed to establish control of the Sibuyan Sea, locate and destroy the Japanese convoy. Current whereabouts are unknown. The American fleet was last spotted East of Sand Jose Island, northbound.

Please refer to the attached situation map for details


 Japanese forces are somewhere north of this line, and Americans somewhere South. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this area in free-flight. formations will not be made available until the day of the event.

 Orders for the 1st day: Locate the enemy formation and keep enemy aircraft from locating your carrier.

 Rules for the first mission:

 Only F8Fs and Zeros will be allowed. Labels Light Blue and displaying only player name. A pilot must visually identify the enemy carrier and make it home without being shot down. First side to accomplish this will go on the offensive on day 2. Air-to-air kills are rear-quarter only. If you see tracers, you're dead.

 Play this one smart. Leave some fighters home to protect the ship and use some intermediate rally point so you don't get followed home.


------------ MISSION NOTES ----------

AIRCRAFT LABELS must be set to Light Blue, all information turned off with the exception of player name.    DO NOT USE ANY available session info/radar/gps/maps within the event. 

NO SPAWNING on other players. Let's try to keep it real.

All aircraft have ADF and there will there will be several NDB's available for use. (see below)

Fuel has been added to surrounding airfields

You can add the FLAK effect to the drivable carriers, if you wish. (see below)

The intent is to keep this as realistic as possible.

Will have one "command/control" operator stationed in the area to help "BOTH" teams

Aa usual, we will be using "good/bad" guy channels on TeamSpeak 3. Americans will be in flight group 1. Japanese in flight group 2.

You can download all the aircraft.... now.. they are ready.

DAY OF EVENT you will be given:  Special SCENERY and a new "FORMATION" for ship placement. (Add these to your scenery and the CVN_68_69.cfg file as usual)

Waypoint will be: TAPER

After you enter the session and place your AICarrier "Corregitor Mission" formation ... you will be given a "Specific" airport ID to "Spawn on deck" (Depending on which group you will be flying.. i.e. USA / Japan)

You will use the "WORLD" ..."GOTO AIRPORT" option, in FSX, for this purpose.

Please make sure you move to a different deck location.... so others can spawn in behind you.

            NDB and/or FUEL

  ID                 NDB            FUEL

PIN                373.0             - - -

RP12             302.0               Y

RPLA             513.0               Y

RPUK            375.0               Y

RPUV            300.0               Y

RPUW            - - -                 Y

RPVE            379.0               Y




ADD the effects to your FSX/effects folder.

ADD the following to the aircraft.cfg of your existing PORTABLE SHOKAKU AND USS HORNET carriers.

IF you want to save your old light system you can rem out ("//") exiting lights.


//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit       
//light.0=4,  6.3, 0.0, -1.4, fx_vclightgar
//light.0=4,  4.3, 2.0, 2.0, fx_vclightgar
//light.1=4,  4.3, 2.0, 2.0, fx_none
//light.1=4,  6.3, 0.0, -1.4, fx_vclight                                              // <----- OLD ONE SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS
//light.2=4,  6.3, 0.0,-1.4, fx_vclight
//light.2=1,  8.00,  -5.00, -22.00,  fx_none
//light.3=1,  230.00,  0.00, -2.00,  fx_nope

PASTE the NEW to your aircraft.cfg file

[LIGHTS]    //Flak & Explosions
//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit       

light.1 = 2,  1900.00,  4000.00, 1200.00, fx_mg_imp.fx ,
light.2 = 2,   700.00, -2500.00, 2300.00, fx_mg_imp.fx ,
light.3 = 2,  -1500.00, 2500.00, 2800.00, fx_mg_imp.fx ,
light.4 = 2,   400.00,    0.00,  2500.00, fx_flak01
light.5 = 2,  -316.00,  198.00,  1671.60, fx_flak02
light.6 = 2,  -132.75,  266.00,  3413.75, fx_flak03
light.7 = 2,   900.00, 1800.00,  2700.00, fx_mg_imp.fx ,
light.8 = 2,   382.30, -454.00,  2221.69, fx_flak04  
light.9 = 2,  -465.30, -665.00,  3826.69, fx_flak05
light.10= 2,   900.30, -710.00,  1635.69, fx_flak04
light.11= 2,  -700.30,  544.00,  2521.69, fx_flak06
light.12= 2,   700.00, -2500.00, 2300.00, fx_mg_imp.fx ,
light.13= 2,   130.30, -725.00,  2411.69, fx_flak07
light.14= 2,   331.30,  654.00,  1543.69, fx_flak07
light.15= 2,  -831.30, -654.00,  1943.69, fx_flak01
light.16= 2,  -316.00,  198.00,  671.60, fx_flak02
light.17= 2,   132.75,  -66.00,   413.75, fx_flak03



Vietnam Deployment
See Calendar for next Session
Any one... wanting to formulate a "OP Mission".  Work out the plan.. and pass it on.. we can give it a go.
There are plenty of locations we can use in the scenery.

This event IS a "carrier op"  session. I would assume MOST of us will stick to that.
HOWEVER..... I will allow use of some "non carrier based" aircraft during this event to add some realism.
                          Let's try to keep aircraft within the correct "period" time frame.

"Vietnam Pack" and FSX Vietnam Project scenery is available in the Session Addons /Scenery section.

Fixed Wing aircraft launch from the CV-59 at waypoint ELSAS.
(AFTER you place the "Vietnam" formation...you can spawn on the carrier via   GOTO AIRPORT.. ID  CV-59)

Choppers launch from the LHD-6
(In it's normal position. You will need to land on the LHD)

(Not realistic for carrier ops.. I have included the 1st Air Cav Huey in this package (with weapons). 

==== FORMATION =====

title=** Vietnam **
unit.0=CV59, 0, 0
unit.1=LHD, 4000, 0
unit.2=VEH_cruiser01, -3000, -1000
unit.3=VEH_destroyer01, 3000, -1000
unit.4=VEH_destroyer01, 200, -8000
unit.5=VEH_destroyer01, 900, 7000
unit.6=USS_CV-10_AI, 6000, -5000
unit.7=USS_CV-32_AI, -4500, -300
unit.8=CA25_AI, 1200, -400
unit.9=USS_NewJersey, 1500, -2000

MISSION:  Destroy VC River Camp near the Cambodia/Loas Boarder

TARGET: VC River Camp - Ho Chi Minh Trail near Cambodia/Loas Boarder

      : Downed Pilot          (VVDP)
      : Enemy Mortar Camp     (PAVN)


        Carriers:  LHD-6, CV-10, CV-59
        Aircraft:  F-4 Phantom, A-1 Skyraider, UH-1H 1st Air Cav Chopper, L-19 Birddog

** Roles **

    ---RECON : L-19 Birddog      from PLEI (Speical Forces Camp)

      : F-4 Phantoms      from CV-59
      : A-1 Skyraiders    from CV-10
      : Uh-1h 1st Air Cav from LHD-6
      :   "     "         from PLEI (Speical Forces Camp)
      :   "     "         from VRP3 (River Outpost Alpha)

Avialable FUEL

    CV-59 Uss Forrestal (f-4 Phantom)

    F-4 Phantoms / Choppers :VDRK - Ratanakiri Cambodia - Captured base used for fueling.

    Choppers                :PLEI (Speical Forces Camp)


Click Image for Larger Picture)

Addon Scenery by Written by Donald "Captain Mac" McKinney.
 www.TaskForceFSX.com: Group; TaskForce Vietnam

Drug Bust

See Calendar for next Session
IP Address: (New Format)
MUST USE your use your GameSpy ID

Session password will be issued via TeamSpeak


 HAVE what you need to participate.  Don't get angry, IF "YOU" get ejected.. for your lack of planning!

** NOTE FROM SandPro **  Thanks for participating in this mission !

This is a "TEAM" effort.. please bear that in mind.

The number of players dictate what happens during this mission. How we all act will determine it's success.

You can be creative.. use your imagination...  however, keep it in "real world" terms and act accordingly.

NO crazy stuff.. let's attempt to keep the overall theme in the terms of what might actually happen and how the Navy would handle this task.  Follow all NAVY orders/procedures.. flight rules, etc....  to the best of your ability.


TeamSpeak3        AI Carrier2                       HD Nimitz/Ike ver2          Formation          LHD6_Static
Two Boats           Two Speedboats               RIO NAS4                     Sandpro's Island 


Use Notepad and COPY/PAST the following at the bottom of your C:\Program Files(x86)\AICarriers\Conf.d file    CNV_68_69.cfg File.
Change the [FORMATION.XX] to the next number i.e. [formation.39] and save the file
You will need to restart AICARRIER2 for this to take effect.. it will add this new formation into your AI_Ships menu.

title=** DRUG BUST MISSION ** Dacir
unit.0=CVN68_1, 0, 0
unit.1=CVN69_1, -25000, -29800
unit.2=VEH_cruiser01, -3000, -1000
unit.3=VEH_destroyer01, 3000, -1000
unit.4=SH-60_guard, 350, -120
unit.5=VEH_destroyer01, 200, -8000
unit.6=VEH_destroyer01, 900, 7000
unit.7=SH-60_guard, 150, -80
unit.8=Veh_CigaretteBoat_Sm, -49860, -1100
unit.9=PPL_Swimmer1_sm, -49855, -1110
unit.10=PPL_Swimmer1_sm, -49850, -1100
unit.11=LHD, 4000, 0

Want to help with the video / pictures ? Use FS Recorder to capture your data and send me the file.
I will include in the mission video.

You may also take snapshots of your action and post on the site, if you wish.


The Brazilian government has made a request to the commanding officer of the USS Nimitz to help intercept a suspected large amount of drugs being transported to a drop off point at the Santos Dumont airport (SBRJ) in Rio. Word on the street.... In an attempt to take over local drug business in RIO... an obscure drug cartel has planned to launch a MAJOR effort to flood the Rio area with drugs.... by ANY means.

IF, the drug runners reach the airport... or the inlet by the runway, RIO may suffer an all out cartel war.

Gentlemen.... "Man your stations". Your mission is to FIND and DETER these shipments, let's "get 'er done"!

Details will be supplied at the start of the mission, based on the latest intel. Command/Control has constant contact with the Brazilian government and may change your assignment at anytime. Be prepared for anything !!!!


WARNING:  The Host will be monitor both the session and coms. ACT professional at all times.
                       Command/Control has FULL responsibility for everyone in this mission.

Gentlemen... There will NOT be time to help you with your mission setup, during the session, as the action can get fast and furious. Use common sense and take responsibility for yourself.

IF !!  you get ejected for interfering with the overall mission.. DON'T take it personal.
There has been plenty of time for you to get prepared and test everything.

° USE ONLY your assigned TeamSpeak channel.
° KEEP radio "chatter' to a minimum !
° USE internal aircraft radar ONLY. (do not use radar w/players GameSpy ID)

SEARCH AREA(s): Assignments will be assigned based on latest intel.


Navy: Nimitz / Ike and local airports.  Role and type of aircraft will determine launch position.
Drug Runners: The drug lord will advise your assignment.

NAVY: you are the "good guys"... please conduct yourself in that manner.

DRUG RUNNERS:  Rules ???  .. sure.. right...
 **  NOTE: IF captured you MAY re-spawn w/another assignment from drug lord (He has prepaid your bail.)

Be prepared for anything.... be flexible... sometimes things change quickly.

Most of all.. the object it to act as adults... be respectful... "get 'er done... and HAVE FUN! 


WWII mission - ALL DAY EVENT -

Make sure you have what your need, please.

Zeros-Enter Game at airport ROTM    
Bearcats-just enter .. will spawn in air by carrier.

Session will be available ONLY using the Direct Connect LAN connection. IP
Must be signed into TeamSpeak server. IP port 4115
(Make sure you use same ID in BOTH)

* Pick your side and test your dogfighting skills *

Incorrect aircraft or ID's WILL be ejected from session !


F-8F Bearcat or Japanese Zero  ...  available [here]
 CV-6 USS Enterprise & formation... available [here]


(Guns available via the "I" Smoke button.)

Mission Notes

F-8 Bearcats : CV-6 Enterprise Carrier  (normal enter. will spawn @ carrier)
Zeros : Select Airport ROTM

Nimitz Replenishment

See Calendar for next Session
IP Address:     Port  4115
MUST USE your use your GameSpy ID
Session password will be issued via TeamSpeak

 HAVE what you need to participate.  Don't get angry, IF "YOU" get ejected.. for your lack of planning!

NIMITZ - CHOPPER EVENT: DECK IS CLOSED for refueling and replenishment.

Replenish the Nimitz... 17 Ship formation  (2 LHDs, CV10, CV32, CV59, CNV68, CNV69, 3-Patuxents, 3-Cruisers, 2-Destroyers, sailboat, tanker)
5 at waypoint Dacir - 3 at bay area by chopper airport - USS Ike 22 miles west (by SandPro's Island) - Others scattered.

.. aaaah... over turned sailboat.. swimmer in water by refuel ship
- Water rescue - you will need a HOIST if you want to save a swimmer. 

REQUIRED:   AICarrier2 program - HD Nimitz/Ike package - Custom Formation with various ships.
                        Default EH101 or other common NAVY Chopper.
                             ** Will be taking pictures/video **

Using Notepad -
Copy and past the following formation into the bottom of your aicarrier rmenu file
(C:\Program FIles(x86)\Aicarriers\Conf.d  FOLDER ..    cnv_68_69.cfg )

unit.0=CVN68_7,  0, 0
unit.1=USNS_PATUXENT_UNREP, 102, -50
unit.2=USNS_PATUXENT, 1800, 500
unit.3=VEH_cruiser01, 1200, 0
unit.4=VEH_destroyer01, 400, 400
unit.5=VEH_cruiser01, -1200, 1100
unit.6=PPL_Swimmer1_sm, 307, 0
unit.7=VEH_water_capsized_sm, 310, 00
unit.8=VEH_water_tanker03_sm, -5800, -400
unit.10=VEH_cruiser01,-14000, 7000  
unit.11=USNS_PATUXENT,-16620, 5800
unit.12=CVN69_1, -25000, -29800
unit.13=USS_CV-10_AI, -33000, -25000
unit.14=LHD, 4000, 0
unit.15=LHD, -135000, -3000
unit.16=CV59, -133000, -26200
unit.17=USS_CV-32_AI, 126000, 12000
unit.18=VEH_cruiser01,-400, -7000

Change the [Formation.XX] to the NEXT number in line and save the file.

To implement.... when selecting a carrier in aicarriers.. page to REPLINISH DACIR - USS Nimitz CNV68
Select waypoint DACIR.

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