FSX Carrier Ops

FSX Multiplayer Carrier Ops Session Info - Please read ALL the HELP sections. You will save yourself a LOT of time.

TeamSpeak and Session Password - Mandatory

FSX SESSION Direct Connect :           TeamSpeak3 :  (New Format)

(See  section below for most common reasons for being ejected.)

In order to protect the session from "childish attacks",
we  regretfully, have implemented additional security.
(Note: A TeamSpeak password is NOT required, at this time.)

By entering the password to join the session,
 YOU are agreeing to the intent,  requirements, and regulations of this session.
IF you are NOT aware of these, please continue reading the FAQ.

PASSWORD can be obtained, AFTER you have signed into the TeamSpeak server.
(Note: If unattended, read the TS chat box area, at the bottom, for password)

(Session "Voice" is disabled... "Chat box" rarely monitored.)
  ALL Communications in this session are now handled using TEAMSPEAK.
MUST USE YOUR GAMESPY ID in BOTH the Session and TeamSpeak.

IF you need it:
Teamspeak3 (32bit) Client  Download
  Eliminate the session chatter by using an assigned session channel for different operations.

Session Requirements

Minimum requirements for this session:

FSUICP 4.60a (or later)          Java 6.20 (or later)(32 bit)        Acceleration

            AI Carriers2                  TeamSpeak3 Client (32 bit)

Basic Installation Help

To avoid issues with running some addons ... it is recommended you:

    Disable UAC                           - Vista/Win7 users will need to disable UAC (User Account Control) via Windows Control Panel ... to install some software.
    Check your JAVA version.       - Java (32BIT) Minimum 6.20 is required. Verify your version via Windows Control Panel - Double click Java Icon and click "about".
    Check / Install your FSUIPC   - Minimum 4.60 is required. Free version supports our operations - available in Links / Misc section.
    Install TeamSpeak3 Client      - Used for all our communications. Available in Session Addons/Required.
    Install Basic "addons"             - Currently, normal operations are based in Rio. See Help/Basic Setup for our basic setup addons.

Recommended "order of installation":  * ALL is freeware and available in the SESSION ADDONS section.

    AICarrier2                                - This is a "windows" program and installs on your computers C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86)
    HD Nimitz/Ike package            - Must install AICarrier2 1st and required before adding our special ship formations
    Addon Scenery                        - RIONAS contains additional important items for carrier use and other features
    Additional addon ships/boats   - We use a several "drivable" and "Static" ships/boats within our operations
    Additional addon aircraft          - We use several customized freeware aircraft for some of our operations

Note about adding scenery in FSX for Vista/Win7 users:

   - Unzip the scenery Package (most will have a README file for installation instructions)
   - In most cases, you simply copy the new scenery "complete folder" into your FSX/Addon Scenery folder.

   - Open FSX. From the Main Menu... select...  "Settings" / "Scenery Library" and CLICK "ADD AREA"
         (or within FSX "Windowed mode" top menu ... select... "World" / "Scenery Library")

   -  New box will open....

   - Select the "addon scenery" folder.

   - Navigate and SINGLE LEFT CLICK (to blue highlight)  the folder name you are adding (i.e: RioNAS4) and CLICK OK in the lower right.

   - Box will change to show you a "scenery" and "texture" folder.

   - RIGHT CLICK in the white area... ANYWHERE BELOW the scenery/texture folder. Your scenery will appear on the list "checked".
     After you are done adding scenery then CLICK OK in the lower right.

   - FSX will then begin building the new scenery and it will appear "checked" in your addon scenery list.

AI Carrier2 and High Detail USS Nimitz & Eisenhower Information

About AIcarrier2

1) It is important for you to understand... YOU CAN SEE ONLY YOUR OWN AI Carriers or other AI attached items. You CANNOT see other peoples nor can they see yours, in a multiplayer environment.

2) AI Carrier2 package is NOT a "drivable or flyable" package. This is a stand alone windows program which will allow you the benefit of placing a carrier anywhere you want... AND fly at the same time.

3) IF, you are not using the high detail Nimitz/Ike .. select the  Nimitz CNV-68 single.. for best fit. Although this package includes some standard carriers.. not all the features work. It is highly recommended  you also download and install the USS Nimitz & Ike HIGH DETAIL package... to be added inside AI Carrier2 and FSX.

4) While using in a multiplayer session it IS RECOMMENDED everyone use the same "WAYPOINT" (ie:COREY) so everyone will land and launch from the same relative area.   Note: this will vary slightly depending on the carrier chosen by each player.

5) AIcarrier2 Menu will allow the option of having your carrier move (under way) while you fly.  HOWEVER, this is only recommended while you are in "single player free flight". In a multiplayer situation this is NOT RECOMMENDED, as you cannot see other players carriers and everyone will end up in different positions... especially as new players join.... and also due to different "lag" conditions within a session.


1) Set the local waypoints.
(In a multiplayer session.. you will normally be given a specific WAYPOINT to place your carrier.)

BEFORE you go to add a carrier... I STRONGLY RECOMMEND.. you ALWAYS set your local waypoint database for the local waypoints.  Waypoints will change depending where you have previously flown. This will save you a lot of time in the long run.

NOTE: IF host has pause enabled, you can quickly set FSX waypoint database by clicking on WORLD... MAP..  and then closing it.
 IMPORTANT .. IF you are paused... you MUST UN-PAUSE before the database will set.
Another method is to open your GPS  (Views.. Instrument Panel, for most planes that have GPS).  CLICK on  "NRST" (lower left corner).... "PUSH CURSR" (the big round knob, lower right).. and.. "ENT" (just above the cursor.    RIGHT CLICK.. and CLOSE your GPS.  IMPORTANT... IF you where paused... UNPAUSE.. so the waypoints will set.

2) To add a carrier to your flight.. select... ADD-ons.... AI SHIPS...menu...then pick a carrier... another menu will popup.. and there you can pick where you want to place the carrier. Simply follow the menu choices to fit your need.

Where you have been given a waypoint in a multiplayer session.... on the FSX menu.. select.. "ADD-ons"..."AI Ships"... "Menu"...  pick a carrier... then choose " Facility Waypoint" ... then find your waypoint from the list .. walla... Done deal.  Enjoy your flight.

Installing Instructions

I have to assume.. you have the basic skills in navigating within windows... whichever version you have. IF NOT find someone to help you...


Here's a hint..

BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD, make yourself a folder in windows where you can download to.  I run XP so.. mine is C:\Temp Planes .. This will vary with Vista/Windows 7 .. see Jim's note in aicarrier installation  (you can make it anywhere.. just REMEMBER WHERE !!!

The reason for this is simple..   It gives you backup of the zipped/unzipped files you download

-- I have one place to download my flight sim files, which I can use for backup..
-- I UNZIP to a different location.. ie... C:\Working Planes.. thus having a backup of the unzipped files giving me a single place to copy/paste into FSX, as needed.


Once you have downloaded and unzipped ... navigate to the windows folder you downloaded the file.

2) INSTALL AICARRIER2 package 1st !!!!   (Required)

Really very simple.. unzip the file... then navigate (in windows) to the location you unzipped to.

Here's the hard part...   read the.. README.TXT and then double click on SETUP.EXE to install.

Note:  you may need the latest JAVA installed.. keep that in mind if it doesn't work properly.

OK.. smarty.. what now ???

A) Aicarrier2 created a new folder in your NORMAL windows programs location.. called AICARRIERS   (remember where this is.. you will need to go there later)

B) The 1st time it runs.. it will open a small box.. called  "SIMM CONNECT".. just minimize (DO NOT CLOSE) and you will see a NEW menu selection called "ADD-ons"... to the right of HELP... in the FSX MENU .. when you enter a free flight or multiplayer flight.

3) INSTALL USS_NIMITZ_IKE High Detail package. (Optional, but recommended)

Once you have downloaded and unzipped... navigate to the windows folder you downloaded the file.


This is basically a simple task... READ THE...  README.TXT file

You have already navigated to the folder Uss Nimitz/Ike folder and should be ready to copy the necessary folders/file into FSX .. AND.. AICARRIERS folders.

OPEN another "MY COMPUTER" in windows and locate your FSX folder (varies xp, vista, windows7) my XP... C:\program files\microsoft games\flight simulator FSX.. where the /sound... /effects.. /sim objects/boats folder are located.

A) Copy the CONTENTS of the 1) SOUND   2) EFFECTS  into the respective FSX Sound and Effect folders.

B) In the SimObject/Boat folder ... COPY 3 FOLDERS ... SH-60_Plane_Guard, USNS_Patuxent, and USS_Nimitz... into your FSX/SimObjects/Boats Folder.

C) Copy the file "CVN_68_69.CFG file into the. .. AICARRIERS\CONF.D folder.  (XP..it is C:\program files\aicarriers\conf.d folder.  Vista or Win7 C:\Program Files(x86)\aicarriers\conf.d folder)

DONE....  In FSX when you open up you ADD-ons... AI Ships.. Menu... and go to select a carrier... you now have a multipage choice of carriers to select from.. note the prev page/next page choices on that menu... set your waypoint.

Adding new formations to AICarriers

This is an example on how to add new formation into your AICARRIER2
NOTE : This can get a little complicated and time consuming.. so be prepaired.

Start with a basic formation format, with your "Main" carrier.

                                                          <<- Format of the new formation. "xx" will be the next number in your list in your config file)
title= ** 3 Carriers CVN68 CVN69 CV6  **              <<- The Name of the formation as it will appear in the carrier menu              

unit.0=CVN68_1,  0, 0
                                           <<-- The MAIN carrier to be set.  CVN68_1 is the Nimitz Empty.... the position is 0,0
unit.1=CVN69_1, -25000, -29800
                          <<- Adds the next  ships/carrier we want to place. This case, The IKE Empty... the position
                                                                                     -25000, -29800 is the "the distance from the Unit.0 position of 0, 0.

About the position numbers:  "1500" is roughly 1 mile.

  The 1st number positions to the right "+" or to the left "-" of the 0, 0 position.
  The 2nd number positions forward "+" or behind "-" of the 0,0, position.                                

unit.2=CV6, -33000, -25000                                   <<- Adds the next  ships/carrier we want to place. This case, CV-6


In this eaxmple you need the following "STATIC" ships in your FSX/Sim Object/Boats FOLDER.

- USS Nimitz (the HD Ike/Nimitz V2 package) This contains the various Ike/Nimitz configurations.
- CV-6

(You can use ANY "static" ship/boat in your Boats folder)



OPEN WITH NOTEPAD... "cvn_68_69.CFG"

(XP....C:\Program Files\Aicarriers\Con.d FOLDER     )
(Win7..C:\Program Files(x86)\Aicarriers\Con.d FOLDER)

Copy/Paste the following at the bottom
Change the [formation.xx] to the NEXT number in line.
Save the file.
title= ** 3 Carriers CVN68 CVN69 CV6  **
unit.0=CVN68_1,  0, 0
unit.1=CVN69_1, -25000, -29800
unit.2=CV6, -33000, -25000

Now.. when you go to add a new "carrier"... scroll down to your new formation title...
in this case "3 Carriers CVN68 CVN69 CV6" and place at your position or waypoint.
NOTE: You may need to adjust your ships a little....
Open your .cfg file with notepad... adjust the your position X , X numbers.
Save the file.

The difficult part is you cannot adjust on the "Fly".
You will have to "CLOSE" AICarriers... and restart to see your ships at your new positions

Legal Stuff

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