FSX Carrier Ops

FSX Multiplayer Carrier Ops Session Info - Please read ALL the HELP sections. You will save yourself a LOT of time.

FSX Single Line Text Display

This will save you a little time with this constant "Single Line" info display modification.

This MOD will be in your FSX.cfg file .. located in your C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX Folder.

You will currently find ...3 TexInfo's catagories...   [TextInfo.1]   [TextInfo.2]  [TextInfo.3]  These are the RED info lines that display in the upper left... each time you press SHIFT+Z.


Of course... BACKUP your existing FSX.cfg file.


You can delete the existing [TextInfo] categories...

    OR... you can place 2 "/" ... REMARK references in front of ALL the existing lines of the current textinfo's. (IF you want to keep your old ones for later modification.)





Insert the following new [TextInfo.1] .. to replace your old ones.... and SAVE the FSX.Cfg file.



  Use Shift+Z to turn ON/OFF the text display. 

 This will give you the most common things we look for when flying... on a single line.


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