FSX Carrier Ops

FSX Multiplayer Carrier Ops Session Info - Please read ALL the HELP sections. You will save yourself a LOT of time.


"BOB" by Orbx   Download 
        Used for ground targets and camera workProvides

Carrier Wire Trap Gauge   Download  2.16 KB
   Provides Gauge to display last trap:  wire/speed/aoa/vsi



Hover Panel    Download  32.91 KB
  Good Hover gauge to add to any chopper


RefulingGuage   Download  9.59 KB
  Refueling gauge to add to any aircraft. 




  IFOLS Trailer   Download  666 KB  (New  9/29/12)
  Used for "land based" trap practice.



  M1A1 Tank   DOWNLOAD   2  MB  (New  1/7/13)
  Used for special operations only.



Challenger 2 Tank   Download  4  MB  (New  3/7/13)
  Used for special operations only.




Renault Cargo  Download  5  MB  (New  3/7/13)
  Used for special operations only.

Fatal Error Fix

FSX - Fatal Error Fix  - UIAutomationCore.dll <<-left click

This may fix FSX crashing to a fatal error (for some users ) when you use repeated FSX menu functions.

IF... you receive a Fatal Error.... when you are using the top menu... Try this fix.

Place the dll file in your MAIN FSX folder.

Airport Labels

Never get lost again...
The following will display airport names 1500 feet above the airport.
You can toggle this on/off with a key combination of your choice.

NOTE:  I have this set to SHIFT+U.. because I have my launch bar
programed on my joystick. This may disable your launch bar.
Select a combination of YOUR choice to activate !

Change... <KEY>SHIFT+U<Key>... to a combination of YOUR choice.

OPEN the file... STANDARD.XML ... using NOTEPAD.
(C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\Controls folder)

Paste this below the Main Keyboard  area and save. (follow the format of the file)


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