FSX Carrier Ops

FSX Multiplayer Carrier Ops Session Info - Please read ALL the HELP sections. You will save yourself a LOT of time.





FSXCO Master 2015 (REQUIRED)    Download  25.4 MB   (UPDATED 5/4/15)  

 This is the SINGLE source for the Basic Scenery and RIO Airports and Navaids. Includes:

FSXCO Master                  -  Master Scenery and Nav Aids for our session.
IFLOS Trailers                   -  Used for "land based" trap practice.   
Large Hangers                  -  Includes a few hangers w/frequency controlled opening doors.  
Rio Animated Hangers       -  Larger hanger w/frequency controlled opening door.
Small Hangers                  -  Various smaller hangers.
MCDMil                            -  Modern military objects. NOTE: widely used, may cause FPS Drop due to being FS9 Scenery.
Rio Water Fireworks          -  Custom Fireworks for the Rio Area. Primarily only used around July 4th.
NoBrief.htm                       - Kneeboard popup for Nav Aids.


--- ADDITIONAL Addon Scenery (NOTE: Our basic scenery may uses objects contained within the following addons) ---

 SandPro Static Aircraft   Download   21 MB  (NEW 9/29/12)

 Various static aircraft used


FSX Blue Angel Bases   Download  (NEW 9/29/12)

 El Centro and Pensacola


 Corpus Christi NAS   Download  42 MB  (NEW 9/29/12)

 KNGP Corpus Christi, Tx NAS

NS Subic Bay - Philippines  Download  3 KB  (NEW 11/15/11)

 Naval Ship Depot, Philippines 

Target Packages 
Download   3.58 MB  This will contain various targets specific to the RIO area.   NEW 4/20/1

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