FSX Carrier Ops

FSX Multiplayer Carrier Ops Session Info - Please read ALL the HELP sections. You will save yourself a LOT of time.

Session Activity

Guide to FSX Carrier Ops - NO, Virginia.. we don't just go in circles.

IF it's a carrier based operation... we can and will do it.


Using all era of Carrier "based" aircraft and helicopters.

LHD6, LHDT, CV4, CV10, CV32, CV-59, CV65,CV68, CV69, Ike2, NV59, R09, R98, Russian Carrier

(At times...we will run a drivable version of above)


* All activities enhanced with the use of VRS Superbug w/TacPack features *




A lot of people wonder what they can do while in the session...

If you are the only one in the session or with others...

Keeping in mind the rules of the session and the respecting of others...

You can always.....


With the Custom scenery and Nav Aids...(yep, some airports have opening/closing doors)


Normal Daily Session Activity:


Carrier and Formation Practice

Sink the ship (place a static or moving carrier out of the main area)

Dog Fighting   (take it out of the main area)

Air/Air refueling

Tactical Air Practice

Make Flight Plans following Preset Area Hops


2 LHD and 11 Carriers + Moving carrier supporting the area (All Eras + French/British)

(scattered over a 1000 mile area)


SBNS - RIO Nas - MAIN BASE - Scramble from Hot Pads to protect the area

CVPF - Rio Annex - Land based Trap Practice

SBHP - RIO Heliport - 50+ chopper pads / Repair Facility (40 miles East)

SBCB - ECHO Camp - Naval Resupply Port (90 nm East)

SDUB - Charlie Camp - Under attack... Tanks in the Trees / Artillery on the Hill (100 nm West)

TGT1 - Head 85 nm west to the Artillery/Gunner Range.  Chopper run up the creek. Take out the SAM Sites

SMUG - Smugglers Island - Drug Runner base (fireworks on 4th of July)

USSA - Secret Island / Defend the Nuke Power Plants (it's a secret)

USMC - Training @ Marine Base / Land Based Traps (100 nm North)

USMH - Marine Chopper Base (125 nm NW)

SBNC - Huge Navy Training Center / Land Based Traps (200 nm North) AF-1 fly's out of here.

USSR - Head 800 miles east and take out the towers spying on the area.

USMT - Land thru the clouds @ 7000 feet at the Mian Temple (65 nm NW)

SDIL - Challenge your skills with an airport in a "bowl"

Scan the local mountains and find the Secret Enemy Camp (find it... not telling ya)

Head south west 150nm+ and find the Enemy formation approaching the area

Head north 52 miles.. and run low level...the 132 miles of the river heading east.


Special Events: (when we have enough people wanting to participate)


IFR Carrier Training

Vietnam Events - over 100 Era correct LZ's and Bases

WWII Events - Old School - Doolittle Raid, Battle of Corregidor and more

Drug Bust Event - Find the Drug runners - night - Labels OFF

Nimitz - Chopper event: DECK IS CLOSED for refueling and replenishment.

Zombie Attack

And hopefully soon to come... VRS w/TacPack... Head On... full combat action with other VM's.




This session is designed around offering you a 24/7 place to do any of the above..

It's NOT hard core... by the book and NOT a VM....  But.. it sure can be fun !!!


A reminder... there is custom military aircraft flying the area in single player mode... if that is what you want.

IF that's not enough for you to do... lsend me a private message and let me know what you might want to add....

Remember.. it only takes yourself.. or invite others to join you in an activity.

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